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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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farrell. we want to thank the following members of sf tv greg and we want to thank our clerk and the district attorney and ms. clerk if we can please make any announcements. thank you, mr. chair please make sure to silence all electronic devises and things included in the file should be put in - >> thank you very much if you can call item one. >> at any time a type 48 license from 1480 alabama street to steven and gym for playland llc.
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>> thank you if we can begin begin by calling the applicants. >> good afternoon and welcome to the n ss committee meeting. >> hi steven and harry. and jim is he up here in. >> okay. if i can speak into the microphone. so if you can tell us a little bit about the application and the kind of outreach you have done to the community as well as the license application in supervisor cowen's district. what are you trying to do in.
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purchase the property at the 24th street a little bit over a year ago it had an existing liquor license there and bar business since almost 80 years. we purchased the building it lesee was up and she wasn't going to stay in the business. we with wanted to purchase her license directly but she wanted double so we reached out to jim and he found us a license electro transfer in. so as we're owners of that building our plan it to completely rehab that entire building started down from the basement below we we have the commercial space of the existing bar. we reached out to the city and
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we want to make that corner a relevant corner. i have experience i've done this in the city before. i had two liquor licenses in south park when there was nothing there i bought a building and had an entertainment license in this existing location. recently, we took over on polk street you're familiar with polk street in a year and a half it completely changed. we took over a building that was basically an infested, you know, just about anything you want to illness there.
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we closed down that bar we changed the hours we only open at the 4 o'clock. we spent on excessive amount of money and david can testify we completely changed that street at least the client tell is different. the license has been there for 80 years it's anna bar we want to open up a clean established neighborhood bar. we have all it out reach with the neighbor there they have a small group we've talked to them about that and they're all opening their arms and we want to fix up that neighborhood.
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the city said we're going to open up 60 percent of that with windows. we can get outside seating and a hopefully, a park at that corner that will help. how we run our businesses we've already agreed to the police restrictions to only start serving at the 11 am we'll provided security cameras and we'll provided security at the door from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. there will always be an owner present. we own the building so we're going to take pride in making that nice >> thank you very much. colleagues do we have any questions for the applicants? thank you very much.
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why don't we hear from our police department. investigator fong or gordon to come down >> i'm investigator from the san francisco police department liaison unit. steven and jim on behalf of the playland have filed an explanation with the sale department of alcoholic befrnl control for 2545 located across in utah street. from december 2011 to december 2012 this premise is located in lot and it's not in a
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high crime area it is in track 229.03 it's in an due unconcentrated area there are zero letters of support. and there are no bad letters with the blow conditions benches shall be permitted until 11:00 p.m. the loitering and allotting is defined as to stand idly about await unlawful business is prohibited from the adjacent lot
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as depicted on the form. no loitering beyond the control of the lot. the petition shall utilizes electronic equipment that is assessable and is actively reported. the surveyance shall be kept at at least thirty days and available to the police department upon demand. the front door shall be kept closed at all times expect in the case of deliveries. and it's not to have a screen or security door. i'd like to note that investigator spoke with the parties and they've agreed to
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all conditions >> investigator if this question is to you, you or the detective chief but with respect to one of the recommendations that one of the conditions, condition 5 regarding electronic surveyance my understanding is in this case, the property owner the business owner is willing to do that with that condition being part of the agreement here. >> yes, that's what i understand. >> and one of the questions that's you come up in the past is with respect to the language that is included here and specifically the language that says this electronic surveyance shall be i'm sorry. it's not - the one before that that says that the surveyance is actively monitored and reported i know that we've had conversation in
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the past with the police department about that condition because first of all, it's not something we do with our own cameras and my understanding it that language will be modified so chief do you want to add to that. >> yes, it will be modified and i have a letter for your approval. >> so what should we do with this language? i can quickly provided the inspector and if it's okay. we'll go forward with the language >> it will be making it clear it wouldn't be a - i mean to actively monitor the vanes.
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any questions? that you why don't we open it up to the public. as a general rule i give the maximum allowed it is 3 minutes but today, we have a packed agenda so i'm afraid of losing a quorum so you'll be limited to 2 minutes. any member of the public please come forward >> good afternoon supervisor i'd like to express good luck and i'd like going to go forward on public monitoring. when you're in public you have no expectation of privacy that's a given no expectation. when i walk down market street i'll be on camera.
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so when i walk to my home i'm on film when i get to my apartment i'm not that on film. it's part of democracy he's correct we have to be vigilant thank you >> thank you, sir. any other member of the public who wishes to speak please come forward. mr. pullson are you speaking on this item? drink drink and let the watchdog and cameras never stop and you'll be drinking and you'll be watching you. and - and that's it. >> thank you, mr. paulson.
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any other member of the public who would like to speak? >> i'm in favor of the establishment 80 there. thank you very much any other public comment if there is could you please line up to our left to our right. thank you >> i'm been a friend of steven i worked for him back in the day he takes properties in disrepair and puts a lot of time and money into making them beautiful and that's what the city needs to have. thank you very much >> next speaker please and a good afternoon community leadership aligns i want to echo would the gentleman said. those took over those properties
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and rehabilitated the entire building and they allow community groups to use their space for meetings for free. actively our organization had the community outreach we worked with the captain on finding a place we met with supervisor cowen and her aids and have been in constant that have of conversation. i'd urge you to support in liquor application. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker please and good afternoon. i'm israel i'm in favor of the
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strasht for jack's bar picture i've worked on 24th street and i speak highly and i want the best for them. >> thank you. next speaker please and i'm dave. >> i'm here to identify my support for playland. >> thank you very much. next speaker >> i want to support the license of the bar it's a friendly bar. i let people know that. thank you >> i don't see any other public speaker unless there's anyone else the public speaker is a closed. so colleagues we have an explanation we've flattered the applicant and the police department.
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supervisor cowen has worked on this and she's supportive of this with the police department with the modification at least he - we have a motion to move this item forward with a possible recommendation. without objection motion passes the item be forwarded to the board with a recommendation congratulations. we've been joined by supervisor farrell. if we can have a motion to excuse the supervisor. marching mr. clerk call item
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two. >> item two is a hearing to receive security measures for the city and county of san francisco. >> this is an item by supervisor erick and it's a timely topic to i'll turn it over to the hearing supervisor. >> thank you everyone for coming today. in the tragic aftermath this hearing will review our san francisco security measures for large events. it's timely to examine our security and how we're going to protect our public. and given the data breakers and many other marathons and large events as well and hopefully,
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this conversation will help us to understand our law enforcement and safety and a emergency departments are protecting our citizens. our cities large public events are extremely safety in my opinion from the many i've been privileged to attend and it's largely because of the safety department and our cooperation of different departments. but this afternoon we're having information on how we can do better to keep our public save. this will give you an offer have you for security at the large events and raise security and hopefully improve upon our
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efforts as we look at emergency services as well. i want to give my respect to all the agencies that are giving today and it's important how they get together. i know the new measures for safety are being discussed and will be put into place the outside planned expect several thousands of people in their park and even the america's cup and it's a goal today to come out for renewed confidence. i want to say quickly as other cities respond to the boston
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bombings i think there's a tendency to create important as an and many activities to keep people save but my hope is we balance the need as a nonpriority to keep our public save with the private rights and we're a city made up of low income immigrants and free speech and we keep a balancing act with civil liabilities as well. i know the director of the american civil liabilities union has race some concerns. also as we listen to how we cooperate with each other i hope
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we here pregnancy from the police department, the fire department and our recreation and parks department and mta transportation department and the entertainment commission as well and afterwards we're going to open up for public comments. first of all, i'd like to invite let me look at the list i'll read the full list and invite people up one by one. we're hearing - supervisor i know we have a number of speakers i want to give the members of the committee a chance to say something. >> i want to say this is a very important discussion. at the same time because of the timing of the discussion i think it's important for us to be
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careful and the appreciate the fact that supervisor called for this hearing i think that that oftentimes like f the tragedies in boston the history was been we have seen actions being taken that go beyond a reasonable doubt perhaps what we should be as a society. and my hope is san francisco, california be a model for how to balance the need for public safety against individual right to, you know, engage in a lot of different activity and that's a difficult balance to strike. i think that if any city can strike that balance i think san francisco, california. the last point it's very important to make sure we're
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careful enough to make those blanket assumptions that at the end go perhaps what is needed. one of the issues that has been talked about with respect to the data breakers is to figure out what's right is banning back packs. i don't know if really that is going to address the problem and for many people the law abiding folks of this city will be inconvenience by that. >> so we'll be hearing from demanding the deputy from the department. as deputy of the chief john and
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i see deputy chief and chief greg are here from the police department. also from the san francisco depth p fire department the deputy chief mark gonzales and our transportation facility we have a person and from the commission we have a gentleman. i want to invite the department of emergency services up. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm rob i'm a deputy director in the department of the emergency department. this is one of the roles will collaboration so which it comes to event we as a city have long
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taken a pro-active approach to coordination of all departments all the emt providers and we try to get a sense of their plans a plans. at that point, we role it up into a concept of operations it gives us a chance to look and see what are the street closures what is everyone trying to do and we'll hold to a public safety meeting. well, all said or done for example, we did this where we had a long lead time this included a series of experience how would things go during a
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normal day or if there were changes. we did an exercise to see if there were as an explosive device. once the event is underway for like we activate we have the sponsors there and members of all the involved departments present and this really becomes a place that's a resource where a good way to describe it as a brokerage of resources. and then we're able to share that with the city partners.
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we do this for not just large events but memoranda size events. most of the time these are experiences to make us ready for the next unplanned events that are a tragedy. we as the city are getting better everyday at it. one thing to remember about the emergency operation center under any circumstances it's not a command center we share information we do really have the police department in charge because of the crowd. we make sure that everyone is working together and to make sure if something goes wrong what happens down the line and we can order resources for weeks
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and days to come. i was on a conference call to boston and they reviewed a lot of things after the fact things that seemed as reentry into the street that it happened. we're going to be taking lessons from that. in the end we as the city really do work together additional we do a good job of cooperated effort >> you just mentioned the lessons from boston and one of them are you applying they would change things. >> they would allow reentry of
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the businesses it was a lot more complicated letting people come back into their businesses in a fact that was respectful and i see no other questions thank you. >> next deputy chief oh, we have chief from the police department. >> very quickly i want to say what i did and didn't say about cameras. >> video is a critical component for the boston factory. even as the attacks were happening we had police officers there. we have a lot of cameras right now in downtown san francisco and we make some great cases and
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one that comes to mind is along market street there was a shooting on holiday plaza we got the video which was a privately held camera so. in an effort to be smart we will be about doing is mapping what exists before we want to map all the cameras on the market street and any that might be around the critic center to find out both privately and publicly what already exist so if we need to go to the refrigerator and get the box for evidence we want to know where it's at.